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What is in one word your association with ‘time’?

That is the question we asked the public of the play ‘Windstilleven’ during Oerol 2016. By asking the public both before and after the show of Collectief Walden about their association with the word ‘time’, we investigated the influence of the piece on its public.

The words were collected in voting booths before and after the play. During the festival we translated the gathered data into two physical word clouds. In this way, the most popular associations became clear at a glance. For example, the word 'space' was called up 57 times. Terms like ‘hurry’, ‘too short’ and ‘stress’ appeared to show up barely after the play anymore.

Looking at the data again, we were touched by the diversity and singularity of the words collected. To elevate the richness of data, gathered in 2.014 words, we created the visual poem ‘Tijdvers’. In this piece - consisting of a before and after version - all words are recited in alphabetical order.

Development website: Rogier Koppejan
Construction booths: Alban Karsten
Thanks to: Oerol, Afdeling Buitengewone Zaken, Gebied B and Collectief Walden
year: 2016