The project Streetmonuments consists of a number of posters that reflect the gentrification of the Javastraat. This street, located in the east of Amsterdam, can be characterized by multicultural bakeries, butchers, fish shops and phone shops. Due to its regular police raids and bad maintained facades, the street suffered from a bad reputation. In recent years the municipality has invested a lot of money in the neighbourhood, resulting in a typical gentrification process. The Javastraat is slowly transforming into a hip and pricey street with lunchrooms full of superfoods and glitzy gintonic-bars.

The project Straatmonumenten cultivates the ‘slowly disappearing’ multicultural elements characterizing the former Javastraat. Before you know it, they might have disappeared.

in collaboration with: Sjoerd ter Borg
publication: June 25, 2015 in nrc.next
year: 2015