Ruiter was involved in the project ‘Beentrap’, a collaboration between wayfinding-expert Paul Mijksenaar and writer/poet Ester Naomi Perquin. Bkkc asked them, as part of their program ‘Uitgeschreven Ruimte’, to create a conceptual literary signage for the area ‘Spoorzone’ in Tilburg.

For the exhibition ‘Uitgeschreven Ruimte’, Mijksenaar commissioned Ruiter Janssen to create a wall presentation about ‘Beentrap’ in the meeting space of bkkc. Ruiter created an abstract map which shows the locations of the exposition and signs Mijksenaar and Perquin created. (which shows the sign Mijksenaar and Perquin created)

exhibition: Uitgeschreven ruimte
size: 5 x 3 meter
year: 2012